Royal Philharmonic Society Award

NMC Recordings was the first organisation to be the recipient of the RPS Leslie Boosey Award in 2015-17 for its
"outstanding contribution to the furthering of contemporary music in Britain". 


Gramophone Magazine

In 2017, Colin Matthews received the Special Achievement Gramophone Award for his unique contribution to British contemporary music as founder and executive producer of NMC Recordings. Find out more on our blog.
NMC D015    Robin Holloway: Second Concerto for Orchestra
Gramophone Award 1994

NMC D050    Harrison Birtwistle: The Mask of Orpheus
Gramophone Award 1998

NMC D141    Jonathan Harvey: Body Mandala
Gramophone Award 2008

NMC D150    The NMC Songbook
Gramophone Award 2009

NMC D156    Harrison Birtwistle: Night's Black Bird
Gramophone Award 2011


BBC Music Magazine
NMC D156    Harrison Birtwistle: Night's Black Bird
BBC Music Magazine Award 2012

NMC D249    Edmund Finnis: The Air, Turning
BBC Music Magazine Award 2020

Reissues, now available on NMC, which won awards on other labels
NMC D113    John Casken: Golem
Gramophone Award 1991 (Virgin Classics)

NMC D138    Harrison Birtwistle: Punch & Judy
Gramophone Award 1980 (Decca Headline)

NMC D200          Harrison Birtwistle: Gawain                                            
Gramophone Award 1996 (Collins Classics)

NMC D148          Harrison Birtwistle: Secret Theatre                                
Gramophone Award 1988 (Etcetera)

NMC D236          Imogen Holst: String Chamber Music                            
BBC Music Magazine Award 2010 (Court Lane Music)

Other Awards
NMC D053    Edward Elgar / A Payne: Symphony No. 3
Classic CD Award 1998

NMC D112    Britten on Film
MIDEM Classical Award 2008

NMC D121    Julian Anderson: Book of Hours
Pizzicato ‘Supersonic Award’ 2007

NMC DL2012    New Music 20x12
RPS Award - Concert Series & Festival

NMC D190    Britten to America
Grammy Nomination 2014 - Best Classical Compendium

NMC D197    Gerald Barry: The Importance of Being Earnest
Grammy Nomination 2015 - Contemporary Classical