A collection of music from the NMC catalogue selected by BCMG

Sound Investor Jean Riordan with BCMG oboist Melinda Maxwell and composer Johannes Maria Staud Sound Investment is a pioneering funding scheme that shares the thrill of commissioning new music – connecting audiences, composers and performers. This idea has changed the landscape for the creation of new works and has been taken up by ensembles in the UK and across the world.

Launched in 1991, Sound Investment has so far involved more than 300 individuals from all over the UK and abroad, raising £300,000 for the commissioning of new music and resulting in over 65 new works (with a further 8 awaiting premiere).

New commissions are a mixture of UK and international talent, with a variety of young composers at the very beginning of their careers, mid-career composers and established figures. Recent Sound Investment premieres include: Richard Baker, Alexander Goehr, David Sawer, Tansy Davies, Silvina Milstein, Luke Bedford, Helen Grime, Brett Dean, Richard Causton, Simon Holt, Kevin Volans, Jo Kondo and Dominic Muldowney.


As a Sound Investor you will:

•    Be invited to rehearsals and a special reception at the premiere

•    Have the chance to meet the composer and performers

•    Have the opportunity to receive a score of the piece signed for you by the composer

•    Kept up to date with the progress of your chosen work before and after its premiere

•    Be thanked for your support in the score of the piece


Sound Unit shares in each commission are priced at £150. Your donation can start from £15 per month.


Composers currently awaiting premiere include David Sawer, Gerald Barry, David Lang, Benedict Mason, Param Vir, Harrison Birtwistle and Colin Matthews.


To find out more about the composers in our portfolio and to buy Sound Units now, please visit our website: www.bcmg.org.uk/soundinvestment


Thanks to match funding from Arts Council England through our Catalyst award, we currently have three Special Offers available, including the chance to get your very first Sound Unit half price, for £75.


For more information, please contact Alex Wright on 0121 616 6523, or email alex@bcmg.org.uk


Left to right: Sound Investor Jean Riordan with BCMG oboist Melinda Maxwell and composer Johannes Maria Staud by Adrian Burrows