The Big Lockdown Music Survey: FAQs

If you have any further questions, please email 

Q: I usually live/study in England, but was elsewhere for lockdown. Can I still take part?

A: Due to being funded by Arts Council England, this is only an England-wide project, and one of the conditions for your piece to be eligible is that it was created substantially in England. We are unable to accept a piece created/recorded elsewhere.

Q: Are there plans to broaden the scope of The Big Lockdown Music Survey to include other places, such as Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland?

A: We understand that these limitations prevent many people from taking part, and would love to broaden the scope of our survey to other locations. We have no specific plans to do this yet, but are currently investigating funding options to make this possible.

Q: Are there plans to repeat The Big Lockdown Music Survey for later lockdowns in England?

A: There are currently no specific plans for us to repeat this project for later lockdowns, but we would love to showcase as much music by as many creators as possible. Repeating the project is dependant on the uptake for the first round of the survey, and on whether it would be possible to secure further funding.

Q: How can I submit my music?

A: Please submit a recording of your music as digital audio files with the file name containing your name/the name of your piece. The link to do this is located at the beginning of the survey. To complete the survey, head to the 'Apply' page here, and click on the region where you created your music during the first national lockdown. If you were living in or near the places listed at the time, this is where you should apply.

Q: I created music during lockdown but I haven't recorded it yet. Can I still take part?

A: To take part in The Big Lockdown Music Survey you need to submit a recording of your music for consideration.

Q: I have already uploaded a recording to my own YouTube / Soundcloud / etc., can I submit this recording?

Yes, you can submit this recording so long as the piece meets the Big Lockdown Music Survey criteria and you have the file to upload. 

If the piece were selected, we would then ask you to remove or hide the piece from your own channels for the six months of the project, as per the exclusivity agreement. After the six months, you would be free to re-upload or host the piece again.

Q: Can I submit more than one track?

A: Only one track per creator will be included, so please select which one you'd like to submit.

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