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The diverse activities of performing, conducting and teaching have been constant motivations to Edwin Roxburgh's principal profession, composing.  Having won several prizes as a student, his professional work has been acknowledged in many awards such as the Cobbett Medal for Services to Chamber Music, and most recently a British Composers' Award for his Elegy for Ur and an Elgar Trust Award for a BBC SO commission.  His recent opera Abelard was published by United Music Publishers under the auspices of a Leverhulme Research Fellowship.  Commissioners and performers of his music range across a wide spectrum from Menuhin and the BBC to Vincent Price and Prunella Scales.  

As a conductor Roxburgh has worked constantly in presenting a vast range of contemporary music, together with a wide range of repertoire.  His establishment and directorship of the 20th Century Ensemble of London found a reflection in his post as RVW Fellow at the Royal College of Music, where he created a department of 20th Century Performance Studies.  Such works as Stockhausen's Trans and Holler's Pensées had their UK  premières performed by students and were broadcast by the BBC.  Roxburgh has conducted his own music with the principal UK orchestras such as the BBC Philharmonic, CBSO  the Philharmonia, and the English Chamber Orchestra.   As Associate Composer of the London Festival Orchestra at the Warehouse in London he has recently established the Warehouse Ensemble. He is currently writing a book  entitled Conducting for a New Age.

Roxburgh's work as an oboist began with his appointment as principal oboist of Sadlers' Wells Opera (now ENO).  Subsequently he pursued a distinguished career as a virtuoso, establishing himself as a major interpreter of contemporary repertoire, giving the UK premieres of Berio's Sequenza VII and Holliger's Cardiophonie.  Many of his compositions reflect his research into multiphonics and extended techniques. Whilst a member of the Menuhin Festival Orchestra he was co-author with Goossens of the Mehuhin Music Guide The Oboe. He is currently a visiting teacher at BCU Birmingham Conservatoire.

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Edwin Roxburgh
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<b>Date of birth:</b> 1937<br><b>Place of birth:</b> Liverpool, England<br><b>Musical study:</b> He won a double scholarship to study composition with Herbert Howells and oboe with Terence MacDonagh at the Royal College of Music. He also studied composition with Nadia Boulanger in Paris and Luigi Dallapicolla in Florence.<br><b>Suggested works:</b> <i>Montage</i> (1977), <i>Aberlard</i> (2003), <i>Elegy for Ur</i> (2007)
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