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Kafka's WoundKafka's Wound

Contemporary thought joins contemporary music for this musical realisation of writer Will Self’s digital essay Kafkas Wound, commissioned by the London Review of Books for BBC/ACE digital arts platform The Space: The CD showcases expertly crafted new music and cutting‐edge improvisation with Will Self as a guest narrator. It was recorded at Brunel University on 22 June 2012. Simple versions of traditional Klezmer tunes were spontaneously scored, and then directed live into improvised transformations. The spirited, freewheeling playing of the band pushes the music to unearth the unconscious, the raw fear so graphic in Kafka and his cryptic, hallucinatory tale. Self-selected the texts from three sources: Kafka’s A Country Doctor, Kafka’s diaries, and his own essay Kafka's Wound.

“Kafkas Wound: A Digital Literary Essay is a subjective examination of Franz Kafka’s work through the lens of one of his stories, A Country Doctor (1919), and in particular through the aperture of the wound described in the story.

The essay was commissioned and directed by the London Review of Books, the largest literary magazine in Europe, and brought together a group of web developers, editors, researchers, academics that include Peter Wiegold, and artists, led by Self. The team explored the possibilities offered by digital media to fashion a different kind of literary essay, interspersed with music, animation, film and text inspired by Kafka's story.

The innovative project is highly collaborative, with over 70 contributors researching and creating much of the additional content. These contributors included a host of Brunel staff and students who Self challenged to produce creative digital responses to the story, including readings of Kafka’s work by Brunel School of Arts Professor Johannes Birringer.

Archival material was unearthed and incorporated, and readings, interviews, translations, debates and videos documenting the creative process were also interwoven with the essay, allowing readers a unique insight into the writer’s intellectual journey.

“I began by talking to people about my own ideas, about where I might be going with this piece before I had written it,” explained Self in an interview featured on The Space. “It became an exercise in extended collaboration in thought in real time”.

The essay is available online and through smartphone, tablet and connected TV, and is exhibited at The Space, a new digital arts platform developed by the Arts Council in partnership with the BBC

Will Self is Professor of Contemporary Thought at Brunel University and worked closely with Peter Wiegold and Notes Igales as the Kafkas Wound wider collaborative processes developed.



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1 Overture
2 Die Alte Kashe - The Country Doctor I
3 Kolomeyke
4 Die Goldene Chasene - The Country Doctor 2
5 Kolomeyke - Kafka's Wound I
6 Die Alte Kashe
7 The dream-like life - Kafka's Wound 2
8 Romanian Doina I - Kafka's diaries, 1911
9 Romanian Doina I - The Country Doctor 3
10 Die Goldene Chasene - Carousel
11 Der Gasn Nign - Kafka's Wound 3
12 Romanian Doina 2 - Kafka's Wound 4
13 Romanian Doina 1 - Kafka's Wound 5
14 Die Goldene Chasene - Kafka's Wound 6
15 Frejlexs

Artists: Will Self narrator | Notes Inégales | Peter Wiegold keyboard


Cat # CI001



All tracks were recorded on 22 June 2012 at Brunel University.



Release date: 15 November 2019



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