Barnaby Hollington was born in Norwich, UK, in 1975. He grew up mainly in Australia and France, but returned to Britain in 1993. He studied music at New College, Oxford and composition at the Royal College of Music. He then worked briefly as a violinist, before training as a teacher.

Barnaby gave up composition altogether after his studies at the Royal College of Music, but began composing again in late 2002, adopting a radically different approach. From 2004-6, he was awarded prizes in several international competitions: 1st Prize and a Special Prize in the International Composition Prize Luxembourg (2006), 2nd prize in the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Composition Competition (2006), 2nd prize in the Uuno Klami Composition Competition (Finland, 2004), 2nd prize in the Zeitklang International Composition Competition for Composers (Austria, 2005) and 3rd prize in the Chamber Category of the Alexander Moyzes International Competition for Composers (Slovakia, 2006). In 2007, Barnaby worked on a commission from the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra – Inventions, and was a finalist in the University of Aberdeen Music Prize.

For financial reasons, Barnaby all but gave up composition again in late 2007. Since August 2013, however, considerably more favourable financial circumstances have allowed him to resume composing in earnest. He is now studying for a PhD in composition with Martin Butler at the University of Sussex.

Three of Barnaby’s scores have recently been published by Editions Musica Ferrum (

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Stuart Leech