Stuart Jones started his professional life at the end of the 1960s, while still a student, as a founder member of Gentle Fire, working with other members of the American and European avant garde - notably Cage and Stockhausen. Key interests then and since have been improvisation, exploring ways the audience can participate in and control a work, and ways in which space and media can redefine each other. His career has been wide-ranging, from improvising with bands like Kahondo Style and British Summer Time Ends, to creating site-specific installations, and living with desert nomads

Much of his work is collaborative: in dance with Emilyn Claid and Stephen Petronio, in linear video with Irit Batsry and in interactive installations with Simon Biggs.

Recent projects include work with Foster and Partners to explore how our experience of architectural space can be transformed by integrating complex, meaningful interactivity into the fabric of a building.

Other recent performances include Chesterfield Starfield, for marching bands, ...upon the seas to which it eventually flows, a sound installation for the Biosphere Montreal and given - taken, for a dance piece with Emilyn Claid.