Katharine Norman is a British-born composer, sound artist and writer.

She has composed instrumental music, music combining instruments or voices and digital media, and purely electronic work. Her music, for both digital media with instruments and for purely digital media, makes frequent use of documentary sound - conversation, city sounds, birds etc - in a way that perhaps invites new appreciation both of the 'real world' and of the concert hall. Her CD London is available on NMC. Transparent things, a disc featuring pianist Philip Mead, in addition to purely electronic/digital work, is available on Metier. Other musicĀ  has been recorded on the Innova, Empreintes Digitales and Discus labels, and many works can be heard online at and Her work has been performed and broadcast worldwide, has received honorable mentions at the Bourges and Noroit competitions for electroacoustic music, and has been selected for performance at the ISCM World Music Days (1995).

Increasingly, she writes about music, in particular electroacoustic and electronic music: Sounding Art: Eight Literary Excursions through Electronic Music, a book of experimental writings on recent electronic music (of many kinds and approaches) was published by Ashgate in 2004.