Andrew Poppy studied composition at Goldsmiths College, piano with Susan Bradshaw, attended a summer school with John Cage and played in an ensemble with Christian Wolff. In the early 1980s he was pianist and composer with The Lost Jockey, a large ensemble. Signed as a contemporary composer and recording artist to Trevor Horn and Paul Morley's ZTT Records in 1984 his first CD The Beating of Wings  includes The Object is a Hungry Wolf for large ensemble and Cadenza for piano and electric piano.

Since 1989 he has developed a collaborative partnership with visual and theatre artist Julia Bardsley. Works include Avalanche Thoughts premiered in New York and recently Improvements on Nature at Chelsea Theatre, London. Concert works include Horn Horn, a double saxophone concerto for John Harle and Simon Haram and The Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Revolution No 8: Airport for Joseph Beuys for orchestra and electronic delays, and Darwin's Sin Draw, a violin concerto for Darragh Morgan and The Crash Ensemble. Recently the BBC Concert Orchestra played 32 Frames at the QEH, London.

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Henrik Knudsen