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Born in Monmouthshire in 1931, Susan Bradshaw studied piano at the Royal Aacdemy of Music with Harold Craxton, and composition with Howard Ferguson and Mátyás Seiber.

Solo pianist, acompanist and chamber musician, she was a lifelong friend of Richard Rodney Bennett, with whom she formed a piano duo while they were both studying with Boulez in Paris. Also during her time in Paris, she founded the Mabillon Trio with flautist William Bennett and oboist Philip Jones. She subsequently formed the Vesuvius Ensemble, initially to perform Pierrot Lunaire with Jane Manning, and was a founder member of the Park Lane Group.

Susan Bradshaw also wrote and broadcast on music, translated Boulez's writings, and taught piano at Goldsmiths College. A keen critic of pretension in music, she together with Hans Keller invented Piotr Zak, an imaginary Polish composer whose work was broadcast on the BBC Third Programme.

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