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Isabelle Carré is a flute player and gamelan musician. After graduating in music from University of York, she studied flute with Pierre-Yves Artaud in Paris. Working as a flute player mostly in contemporary music, she regularly collaborates with composers and has given many first performances, both as a soloist and a member of groups such as Ensemble Exposé and Critical Band. CD recordings include chamber works by Brian Ferneyhough with Ensemble Exposé (Métier/Divine Art). In addition to modern (concert, piccolo, alto and bass) flutes, she plays early flutes from the Renaissance to early 19th century, as well as those from several non-Western traditions including Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indonesian. As a gamelan musician Isabelle performs traditional Javanese music and new compositions for gamelan instruments. She is a founder member of Southbank Gamelan Players and Hammer & Bronze, and has been instrumental in a number of commissions and collaborative projects with composers and other artists.

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