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Jane's Minstrels, who made their debut in July 1988 at the Ryedale Festival, were hand-picked from Britain's most gifted young musicians by Jane Manning, and represent an entirely new concept in ensembles, which cuts across barriers of generation and idiom.

Jane's Minstrels swiftly attained an enviable international reputation, acclaimed by press and public. As well as a nomination for one of LEB's 'Brightening-Up London' Awards, their first full season featured 3 London appearances, 2 of them at the South Bank for the SPNM and the Park Lane Group, and a tour of Spain. Engagements at the Aldeburgh Festival and Dartington, and visits to Italy, Denmark Norway and Belgium quickly followed. Their programmes combine contemporary works with classics from the early 20th century, with emphasis on British music.

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Jane's Minstrels
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