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Kuniko is a soloist who is one of the most promising and innovative percussionists on the contemporary music scene today.  She has performed and collaborated with various world renowned composers, conductors and orchestras and has worked with Franco Donatoni, James Wood, Toru Takemitsu, Seiji Ozawa and Steve Reich.  As well as solo work in Asia, Europe and the USA she has performed as a member of orchestra and ensemble groups such as Saito Kinen Orchestra, Ensemble ICTUS (Belgium) and Ensemble NOMAD (Tokyo).

This multi-faceted musician collaborates in the creative art scene with renowned artists from different genres of performing arts such as dancer Megumi Nakamura, theatre director Satoshi Miyagi  and Za Ondecoza of the Japanese Taiko Troop.  Kaniko is strongly committed to music education through various forms of percussion workshops and also frequently conducts open-rehearsal and master classes in conjunction with her solo concert series.  Since 2004 she has been conducting a series of log drum (slit drum) workshops for children with mental impairment.

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Masao Ohta