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The Los Angeles Times has written that Canadian violinist “Lara St. John happens to be a volcanic violinist with a huge, fabulous tone that pours out of her like molten lava. She has technique to burn and plays at a constant high heat.”

She has performed as soloist with orchestras including Cleveland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, the Royal Philharmonic, and Zurich Chamber Orchestra, among many others.

A prolific recording artist, she owns her own label, Ancalagon and won the 2011 Juno award for Best Classical Album (Soloist with Large Ensemble) for her disc “Mozart”.

Lara began playing the violin when she was two years old. She made her first appearance as soloist with orchestra at age four, and her European debut with the Gulbenkian Orchestra when she was 10. She toured Spain, France, Portugal and Hungary at ages 12 and 13.

She performs on the 1779 “Salabue” Guadagnini thanks to an anonymous donor and Heinl & Co. of Toronto.

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St. John
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