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Workers Union Ensemble initially came together in 2008 whilst studying at Guildhall School of Music and Drama for a performance of Louis Andriessen’s epic work of the same name. As well as performing existing works by leading composers including Laurence Crane, Michael Finnissy and Simon Steen-Andersen their unusual ensemble line-up has elicited a range of responses from composers such as Joe Cutler, Kate Whitley, Jay Capperauld, Mic Spencer, Daniel Saleeb, Oliver Sellwood, Nick Morrish-Rarity and Camilo Mendez. The ensemble have formed particularly close relationships with their four composers in association Matthew Kaner (2013), Ryan Latimer (2014), Seán Clancy (2015-16) and Helen Papaioannou (2017).


Recent highlights include recording Matthew Kaner’s Collide for BBC Radio 3 and premiering a substantial new collaborative work by composer/conductor Benjamin Oliver and virologist Chad Swanson, The Virus Within: Hearing HIV.

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Workers Union Ensemble
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Cathy Pyle