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Additional resources for Rhinegold's Online Music Classroom

Music Classroom


Works from the NMC Catalogue are the starting point for practical lessons and student exercises in Rhinegold Education's Online Music Classroom. Addressing the composition aspect of the GCSE syllabus, it contains detailed lesson plans based on NMC composers and their works, sequencing and notation software, and online assessments.

NMC has created FREE extra content to accompany this resource:

  • Video interviews with the featured composers

  • Further listening Spotify playlists that demonstrate each composition element

Visit the links on the side for more detailed information, and visit Rhinegold's website here for more information on how to purchase their Online Music Classroom resource.


This resource features the following composers:

Howard SkemptonTansy DaviesMark Bowden

Errollyn WallenMartin ButlerJudith Weir