International-facing contemporary music from Huddersfield


HCR produces outward-facing compilations; internationally contextualised but centred on the UK. All albums feature British artists and/or composers within an international context – all current releases feature at least one UK-based composer/performer, alongside aesthetically sympathetic works by other composers from all over the world. The label therefore develops concept-driven releases, usually featuring a single artist and multiple composers. extended piano (HCR01CD) recorded by Sebastian Berweck, for example, explores trends in rethinking the piano-as-instrument in the post-digital age using re-appropriations of “low-fi” technology by contemporary artists (Berweck works with eBows, dictaphones and cassette recorders, for example). 


Founded in 2009, Huddersfield Contemporary Records (HCR) is an emerging label with releases exclusively devoted to new music. The label is based at the University of Huddersfield and is run in partnership between CeReNeM (the Centre for Research in New Music), Huddersfield University Press and //hcmf. HCR has a focussed catalogue, featuring both exciting established and emerging artists at the cutting edge of music making. HCR releases new music in a variety of forms, currently featuring discs devoted to acoustic solo/ensemble work, electronics and free improvisation amongst its catalogue. The materials have been recorded/produced both in-house at the university and with a broad selection of other professional partners, including //hcmf and Radio Bremen and have attracted exceptional press attention for a label of its size.


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Director:                      Liza Lim


Manager:                     Sam Gillies


                                     [For press enquiries, please contact Sam Gillies]

Phone:                        +44(0)1487 4471280

Address:                    Huddersfield Contemporary Records

                                    CAM 1/30

                                    University of Huddersfield