International-facing contemporary music from Huddersfield

Nothing but the hoursHCR04DVD

Double DVD set with three films by Geoffrey Cox and Keith Marley: No Escape, A Film about Nice, Cider Makers and extras:  Introducing: w.c. lowry and I’m Not Elvis. Music by Geoffrey Cox, performance by Philip Thomas.



WINNER ‘Best Sound Design/Editing’

NOMINATED ‘Best Cinematography’

NOMINATED ‘Best Chronicling’

NOMINATED ‘Best Editing’

Maverick Movie Awards 2012. Full information here

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1 Geoffrey Cox: No escape

Geoffrey Cox | Philip Thomas piano

2 Geoffrey Cox and Keith Marley: A Film About Nice

Geoffrey Cox | Keith Marley

3 Geoffrey Cox and Keith Marley: Cider Makers

Geoffrey Cox | Keith Marley







Geoffrey Cox studied Music at Liverpool Community College, then Huddersfield graduating with a 1st degree in Music in 1999 and a PhD in Composition in 2007, which explores the use of contemporary musical borrowing practices. He is a composer of both acoustic and electronic music in a variety of genres from avant-garde to more popular styles. Other specialisms include Popular Musicology (the history and effect of technological developments on popular music) and working with visual images in a musical context, work which has become increasingly important to his output.

Keith Marley is a lecturer and a documentary filmmaker based at Liverpool John Moores University, my practice based research is concerned with the development of innovative representational strategies within documentary filmmaking. I have a special interest in the signifying capabilities of diegetic sound in documentary practice.



No Escape

Camera, editing, music and sound design   Geoffrey Cox

Mastering                                                              Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

A Film About Nice

Camera and editing        Keith Marley and Geoffrey Cox

Sound design                  Geoffrey Cox

Mastering                          Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

Research Assistance    Jenny Shack

Cider Makers

Camera                    Keith Marley

Sound recording    Ben Watkins

Editing                      Keith Marley

Sound design        Geoffrey Cox



These films are dedicated to the memory of William Clifton Lowry and cider maker Colin Vincent.