International-facing contemporary music from Huddersfield

Shrouded MirrorsHCR10CD

In Shrouded Mirrors, Chilean virtuoso Diego Castro Magaš champions recent British guitar music. The collection explores extremely demanding works with radical aesthetics and highly suggestive content. In doing so, Magaš explores the evocative quality of the instrument through extremes of both intimacy and violence. As a result of close collaboration with the composers involved, the recording includes innovative and authoritative versions of pieces by Brian Ferneyhough and James Dillon, as well as world premiere recordings of music by Matthew Sergeant, Bryn Harrison, Michael Finnissy and Wieland Hoban.


'All the pieces on this disc are in some way related to the idea of ‘complex music’ as they portray highly rationalized materials and notated challenges. I imagine these pieces as standing in front of other reflections, forming labyrinths. And those reflections are the metaphorical domains of these pieces, namely poems, images, places, other performing traditions and the past of the guitar itself.'

Diego Castro Magaš

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1 Matthew Sergeant: bet maryam (2011)
2-5 Bryn Harrison: MCE (2010)
6 Michael Finnissy: Nasiye (1982, rev.2002)
7 James Dillon: Shrouded Mirrors (1987)
8-14 Brian Ferneyhough: Kurze Schatten II (1983-89)
15 Wieland Hoban: Knockler I (2009)

Artist: Diego Castro Magaš, guitar

Cat # HCR10CD


'[This release lends] a softness and amenability by the sheer guitar sonority, of the old, intimidating “New Complexity” movement…Brian Ferneyhough’s seven-part Kurze Schatten II seems to entail unreconstructed high modernism; Dillon’s Shrouded Mirrors essays a smoother, more euphonious version; and Michael Finnissy’s Kurdish-influenced Nasiye typifies his freer-ranging, acutely personal ethnological approach' Sunday Times





Diego Castro Magaš is a Chilean virtuoso guitarist, currently based in Huddersfield, UK. Since 2006, he has been particularly interested in guitar music of radical aesthetics. Castro Magaš has been recognised in numerous international guitar competitions and has appeared as soloist in more than eighteen countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Oceania, with a particular interest in new music. Diego has collaborated with composers including Aaron Cassidy, James Dillon, Brian Ferneyhough, Michael Finnissy, Bryn Harrison, Wieland Hoban, Clemens Gadenstätter and Matthew Sergeant, amongst others.



Recorded at St Paul's Hall, Huddersfield on 17-20 August 2015

Sound engineering, editing, and mastering: Cato Langnes