New Music Biennial 2014
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Matheu WatsonMatheu Watson and Luke Daniels

New World Drovers

This piece explores the many drove roads or tracks set deeply into the Scottish countryside and the long-vanished trade of Scottish cattledroving through its hardy highland cattle drovers and their wider connections to the New World. Features musicians Ceri Owen Jones and Ceri Rhys Matthews.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to explore what for me is a fascinating subject and to work alongside Matheu who, as a Gaelic speaker from the North of Scotland, has strong a connection to the highland drovers and their routes that still exist close to where he grew up.”  Luke Daniels

"Gael Music is delighted to be selected for New Music Biennial, we aim to musically celebrate the original ethos behind the Commonwealth through some of its earliest adventures and beneficiaries. Hardy-highlandlers who took traditional arts handed down from generations and used them to shape the economics of the New World." Gael Music


About Matheu Watson

Since the age of sixteen, award-winning multi-instrumentalist Matheu Watson has clocked up thousands of air and road miles in touring, contributed to more than twenty albums and appeared on television and radio alongside some of the UK's greatest musicians. Matheu began playing fiddle at the age of nine and soon afterwards taught himself to play guitar and whistle. He is now the master of more than twenty instruments.

Although only in his early twenties Mathue already has formidable body of work already behind him, including two critically acclaimed solo CDs.


Luke DanielsAbout Luke Daniels

Luke Daniels is a contemporary composer and songwriter coming from a background of folk and traditional music, though he is most widely known as a button accordionist. Since winning the BBC Young Tradition Award in 1992 he has worked with The English National Opera, Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Riverdance the Show and The London Philharmonic Orchestra.

His educational projects for young people are run through his charity Gael Music and supported by Arts Council England, Youth Music and PRS for Music Foundation. Solo projects include Histories Rhyme, Lost Music of the Gaels and Islands with performances in the Royal Festival Hall, at the London Jazz festival and for BBC Belfast’s Blackstaff sessions and on Radio 3’s In Tune programme. He performs regularly with Cara Dillon and recently played on the soundtrack of the new Hobbit movie.






Gael MusicAbout Gael Music

Gael Music was set up as a registered charity in 2006 to promote understanding and appreciation of traditional music amongst people of all ages. Originally based in the Southeast of England, it now works mainly in Scotland having relocated to Glasgow in 2012. Gael Music is a delivery partner of the 2014 Commonwealth Games Cultural Programme

It commissions new music and runs educational activities on a range of folk-related instruments – pennywhistle, celtic harp, fiddle, accordion and mandolin – whilst also running its folk academies for musically gifted children who find their way through its work in schools.


DBBC Radio 3ue to unfortunate circumstances the performance of 'New World Drovers' was not recorded by Radio 3, therefore we are unable to release it  on NMC.



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