Celebrating Will Month
3 October 2019

In October we celebrate Will Month. It's not always an easy subject to talk about but it is an important one and something we should feel more comfortable discussing. Wills ensure you can continue supporting the causes that matter to you for many years to come and Alex, our Development and Partnerships Manager, talks about the importance such gifts have on small organisations like ours.


Roger Stevens Quote

There are many ways of supporting NMC’s work as a charity. We rely on a mixture of funding sources each year, which include grants from charitable trusts and foundations; a small amount of regular public funding from Arts Council England; earned income from the sale and licensing of recordings; and of course the generous support of individual donors and supporters. 

One form of fundraising we haven’t mentioned is Legacy Giving. This is a topic which is often overlooked, and sometimes deemed too difficult to talk about openly with donors. Yet it can bring many benefits to smaller charities like NMC, and it is a very special way for our closest supporters to continue giving to a cause they love for many more years to come. 

Leaving a gift in your Will really does make a difference, and no amount is too small. A legacy can go a long way to preserve and promote new music for future generations. 

As a lean and nimble organisation, which has thrived on maximising its impact with modest resources for 30 years, NMC’s key strength is adaptability. This means we can react quickly when new opportunities arise, and make the most of any extra income which comes our way to further our charitable purpose by supporting new recording projects or education work.   

There are many inspirational moments which can lead to deciding to support a charity: it could be hearing a recording of a piece you saw live in concert and loved; wishing to inspire the next generation of music creators and musicians through our Learning and Participation work; or wanting to aid and develop the professional lives of early-career composers through our Debut Discs series.

Choosing to support NMC with a legacy costs nothing in your lifetime, and after providing for family and loved ones first we would be delighted if you felt moved to consider writing us into your Will. 

One of the trickiest things with Legacies from a fundraising perspective is not knowing when or how much money is likely to be received in any given period. Even so, it remains a vital source of income, and one which NMC is looking to embrace as a means of diversifying our income steams further in the future. 

Making a decision to leave a legacy to NMC is an individual’s choice alone, and there is no obligation to tell us that you’ve left a gift. However we would love to hear from you should you feel comfortable telling us, so we could discuss in confidence how we might recognise your support in your lifetime. 

To find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to NMC, please take a look at our website or contact Alex Wright at or 020 3022 5888.


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