Judith Weir is new ambassador of NMC's Debut Discs
14 October 2016

We are delighted to announce that Judith Weir, Master of the Queen's Music, is the new ambassador of our Debut Discs series.

Judith Weir was our special guest at the launch of our Debut Discs fundraising appeal on 13 October, held at Faber and Faber in Bloomsbury, London. She is a firm believer in British contemporary music as an artform of national significance. She is passionate about the importance of music education in all schools, and a keen supporter of new talent. We are deeply grateful that she is lending her support to Debut Discs.


During the evening she spoke of NMC 'at the beating heart of British music', and of its work supporting new generations of highly talented British composers. Here is an extract:


Judith Weir



'This record label is by, with, and for British composers.

It is absolutely essential that composers on the brink of an international career can gain a major album release. NMC is making this happen with Debut Discs.

We need to support them to create more.'



Visit our fundraising page to find out how you can support Debut Discs.

DEBUT DISCS: Launched in 2012, the series currently
features 12 albums; many have achieved exceptional reviews and awards from media worldwide. This exposure has led to a variety of opportunities for the composers involved, including commissions, performances and residencies.

NMC’s Debut Discs are musical calling cards, crucial for talented composers in the early stages of their careers since they enable promoters, commissioners and audiences to hear their work.

NMC is a charity and needs to raise funds so we can produce further Debut Discs. The new series starts with Kate Whitley and Philip Venables, with further composers to be announced.






We need to raise £24k from individuals to ensure the future of Debut Discs.

Any level of gift will make a difference. For a short time only, for every £1 you donate to NMC, Arts Council England will donate another £1.
This means your donation will enable NMC to do even more for new generations of composers and listeners.

Visit our fundraising page to find out how you can support Debut Discs.





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