NMC x Halle Partnership
2 October 2018

NMC Halle


'The Hallé is very proud of its association with NMC, and the range and quality of projects we have been able to undertake through it.  There is nothing more exciting and worthwhile for an orchestra than bringing to life the works of living composers and presenting them before the widest possible public.'

John Summers, Chief Executive, Hallé Concerts Society


We're proud to continue our partnership with Hallé, our new September releases from Huw Watkins and Jonathan Dove making it 12 releases featuring the orchestra. The first album, Harrison Birtwistle's Night's Black Bird won a Gramophone and BBC Music Magazine Award and the second, Benjamin Britten's Britten to America was nominated for a Grammy!

In honour of this ongoing partnership, we're offering 20% off all back catalogue releases* featuring the Hallé using discount code NMCHALLE20




*Does not include the two new releases (NMC D224 and NMC D233). Offer expires 18 October 2018.


Discount valid on any of the following releases:



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