Next Wave 2
Higher Education Artist Development Project

Alex J Hall photoAlex J Hall

Alex J Hall is a composer, singer, and musician based in London, UK. Alex is currently undertaking a Masters in Composition at the Royal Academy of Music, having graduated with first-class honours from Guildhall School of Music and Drama, winning both the Edmund Rubbra prize for composition and the Rose Lawrence prize for highest academic achievement. He has worked with many ensembles including EXAUDI, London Contemporary Orchestra, City Chamber Choir (as Composer-in-Association), Barbican Sinfonia, CHROMA & Tritium Trio. Alex also enjoys writing music for theatre, having worked with such directors as Christian Burgess and Patsy Rodenburg. When not composing, Alex is an opera singer with companies such as Tete-A-Tete Opera Festival and Vivo D’Arte, as well as being a Choral Scholar at St. Luke’s Chelsea, and accompanying the London Humanist Choir

Alex says:

"I think the chance to really work through and refine an idea, especially for a 10’ commission, is going to be an incredible experience - it will be the first time that I will get the opportunity to revise a piece after the first workshop. Similarly having a mentor to bounce ideas off of and help push you in a direction that may be more risky (in terms of conception, notation etc.) will be absolutely invaluable. I would also be lying if I said there wasn't also a certain element of excitement (& pride) involved in having a work recorded & published on NMC recordings."