NMC celebrates its 30th Anniversary

MixtapeAnniversary Mixtape

We invited experimental producer/DJ Beatrice Dillon to delve into our back catalogue and the result is this 50-minute blended mix, including works by composers ranging from Judith Weir to Kate Whitley, Benjamin Britten to Huw Watkins – a brief audio snapshot of NMC’s rich archive of contemporary classical music from the British Isles.


You can download the mixtape here





Track listing (in order of first appearance)

Claudia Molitor Below the Sirens Call
Claudia Molitor piano
The Singing Bridge – NMC DL3027

Kate Whitley 5 Piano Pieces
Rolf Hind 
I am I say – NMC D229

Benjamin Britten Les Illuminations: VI Interlude
Sandrine Piau soprano 
Northern Sinfonia • Thomas Zehetmair 
Unknown Britten – NMC D140

Jonathan Harvey Bhakti: XII
Spectrum • Guy Protheroe conductor
Bhakti – NMC D001

Anna Meredith HandsFree [Live]
National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain
New Music 20x12 – NMC DL201202

Joe Cutler For Frederic Lagnau
Workers Union Ensemble
Elsewhereness – NMC D246

Charlotte Bray Replay
Huw Watkins piano • Birmingham Contemporary Music Group
At the Speed of Stillness – NMC D202

Robin Holloway Second Concerto for Orchestra: II cadenza
BBC Symphony Orchestra • Oliver Knussen conductor
Second Concerto for Orchestra – NMC D015

Errollyn Wallen In Earth
Tim Harries bass guitar • Errollyn Wallen voice • Quartet X
Photography – NMC D221

Ed Bennett Stop-Motion Music
My Broken Machines – NMC D169

Colin Matthews Divertimento for Double String Quartet: Aria conclusa
Divertimenti Ensemble • Oliver Knussen conductor
Divertimento – NMC D149

Joanna Ward to think at the sun
Quinta violin, viola, saw • Musicians from Royal Northern Sinfonia • Jack Sheen conductor
Next Wave 2 – NMC DL217

Huw Watkins Symphony: II Lento
Hallé • Ryan Wigglesworth conductor
Symphony – NMC D224

Judith Weir The Welcome Arrival of Rain
BBC Symphony Orchestra • Martyn Brabbins conductor
The Welcome Arrival of Rain – NMC D137


Colin Matthews'That our name, NMC, originally stood for ‘New Music Cassettes’, is difficult to explain to a generation that hardly knows what a cassette is, and is unlikely to have any means of playing one. Thirty years ago it was the medium by which most music was played, and was our tentative way of starting what was then an ambitious venture of recording as much new British music as we could. So it seems appropriate to celebrate our anniversary by releasing a cassette. For anyone who can play it*, it’s a very special souvenir – Beatrice Dillon has dived into the catalogue and come up with a unique mixtape, her own choice of recent and not so recent NMC releases.'
Colin Matthews (NMC Founder & Executive Producer)
*our cassette is also available in download and streaming formats


Listen to the complete works that feature on the mixtape.