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TwoLOComposer: Claudia Molitor

Object: TwoLO / Information Age Gallery
Work Title: TwoLO

'The object I have chosen is the first BBC radio transmitter called 2LO. When reading about this wonderful 'object' I stumbled across the information that initially the transmission of music was prohibited by the licenser, only speech was deemed acceptable. TwoLO imagines how one might pull the wool over the licenser's ears by creating a piece to be broadcast under these conditions that one could successfully argue is 'not music'.'


- Claudia Molitor







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Claudia MolitorAbout Claudia Molitor

Claudia Molitor is a composer, artist and academic whose work draws on the traditions of contemporary classical music but extends to video, performance and fine art practices. Her work often becomes a site where conventions of notation and performance, and qualifications and hierarchies of listening and seeing are interrogated. Exploring the spaces between notions of artistic disciplines is central to her work.

Claudia’s work is regularly performed and broadcast throughout Europe. It has been heard at festivals such as Wien Modern, hcmf//, Spor, Tete a Tete, the BBC Proms, Sonica, November Music and sound, and at gallery events such as at Turner Margate, Bold Tendencies and ICA. Commissioners include the London Sinfonietta, hcmf//, the BBC and Cryptic. Recordings have been included in releases on the Jerwood Series, NMC Recordings, ORF 1 and Sub Rosa.

She often works collaboratively with artists such as choreographers Anna Koch (WELD in Stockholm) and Richard Alston (The Richard Alston Dance Company in London), video artists including Brian McClave from Red-Ochre Productions, and theatre and opera director Dan Ayling.

She is currently working on A Sonic View, a piece commissioned for the opening festival of the refurbished gallery spaces at Tate Britain. And she is also working together with Electra Productions and David Hendy (author of the BBC series Noise: A Human History) on The Sonorama.

In the past she co-founded and run Soundwaves Festival in Brighton and is currently working, together with artist Julie Louise Bacon, towards the launch of a new interdisciplinary music and art festival in Kent called TÖNE.

She is lecturer of music at the University of Kent.