Goldfield Ensemble

Goldfield Ensemble

Founded in 2011, The Goldfield Ensemble are now the resident musicians of Goldfield Productions, a charitable incorporated organisation.

Highly collaborative and relentlessly curious, Goldfield Productions was created to make adventures in sound; to find ways of presenting music and art that transform the everyday into the extraordinary and reawaken our ears.

The production company grew from the success of the Ensemble and their growing belief  that music can and should be experienced in many different ways to enrich lives. In 2018, Goldfield created and toured their critically acclaimed Hansel & Gretel (a nightmare in 8 scenes) commissioning  new poetry from Simon Armitage, chamber music from Matthew Kaner and art / puppetry from Clive Hicks-Jenkins. Hansel & Gretel premiered at Cheltenham Music Festival and touring to 9 UK venues with a London premiere at Milton Court Concert Hall (Barbican) and subsequent BBC Radio 3 broadcast.  

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Goldfield Ensemble


The title refers to the effect produced by tiny motivic fragments which make up the work. These are repeated over and over, transformed through being placed in a different context each time. I chose the two pairs of instruments for their strongly contrasted character, as I have always been interested in the drama of opposites. The ‘cool’ flute and passionate cello provide the lyrical melodic element and the gentle harp and agile vibraphone the harmonic and colouristic one, though sometimes these roles are reversed.

This work won the 1983 Finzi Award and was first performed in the New MacNaghten Transatlantic Connections series, by the Endymion Ensemble.


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Composers Edition
Catalogue number:
NMC DL3040
Release Date:
28 June 2019