United Philharmonic Vienna

United Philharmonic Vienna
There is perhaps no other musical ensemble more consistently and closely associated with the history and tradition of European classical music than the Vienna Philharmonic. In the course of its 170 year history, the musicians of this most prominent orchestra of the capital city of music have been an integral part of a musical epoch which due to an abundance of uniquely gifted composers and interpreters must certainly be regarded as unique. The orchestra's close association with this rich musical history is best illustrated by the statements of countless pre-eminent musical personalities of the past. Richard Wagner described the orchestra as being one of the most outstanding in the world; Anton Bruckner called it "the most superior musical association"; Johannes Brahms counted himself as a "friend and admirer"; Gustav Mahler claimed to be joined together through "the bonds of musical art"; and Richard Strauss summarized these sentiments by saying: "All praise of the Vienna Philharmonic reveals itself as understatement."
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Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Antifonia Choir

Antifonia Choir
In 1969, Constantin Rîpă founded the Antifonia choir, a choir specialized in performing contemporary music that has had a very rich activity in Cluj-Napoca and other major cities in Romania. The tours they made, the festivals, contests and the Radio and T.V. recordings transformed Antifonia into the first laboratory, the first contemporary music workshop in Cluj, both for Romanian and foreign music. In 1979 Antifonia started its international activity, participating in the most outstanding competitions and festivals and eventually achieving 12 international prizes. These awards brought not only worldwide acknowledgement, but also invitations to the most important international festivals, as well as Radio and TV recordings in Belgium, Germany, France and Austria.

Edlinger, Richard

The Austrian conductor Richard Edlinger was born in Bregenz in 1958 and directed his first concerts at the age of seventeen. He completed his studies at the Vienna Academy in conducting and composition in 1982, by which time he had already acquired considerable professional experience. He was the youngest finalist in the 1983 Guido Cantelli Conductors’ Competition at La Scala, Milan.
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Francis Burt's heartfelt and uncompromising oratorio sets Old Testament texts, in Luther's German translation, tracing the life of man from the creation story through love, marriage, family and finally the acceptance of mortality.


"The music has real integrity, and in its climactic moments a fierce dramatic power."
BBC Music Magazine 2000


Recording date: 21 November 1995

Recording venue: Studio 1, Slovak Radio, Bratislava

Engineer: Hubert Geschwandtner 
Producer: Emil Niznansky 

Cover image: William Blake, 'The House of Death'

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12 January 1999