Top 5 Things To Do On Our New Website

27th February 2021

Features NMC Recordings

With the launch of our NEW website, we wanted to give you a quick Top 5 of new areas to explore.

1. Discover Platform
From guest-curated playlists to exclusive video performances, this is your go-to for top quality content from NMC and our distributed labels. Created in partnership with the ISM Trust, take a deep-dive into our new releases and back catalogue bringing you closer to the latest in New Music.

2. Revamped shopping experience
It’s now easier than ever to find your favourite composer, discover some new ones, and build on that impressive music collection of yours. Narrow down your search by composer, performer, label, and now Collections - such as our Debut Disc series. Happy browsing.

3. Treasure trove of composers to explore
Over 500 composers? All in one place? No, this isn’t a Birtwistle concert but actually our huge archive of every composer who has ever appeared on an NMC (or distributed label) release.

Have a listen to their tracks, learn a little more about them from their biography, and start your journey down the incredibly enjoyable rabbit hole.   

4. Free stuff
Want to get your hands on some freebies? Well, if you’re looking for educational tools we’ve got some fantastic GCSE Resources along with our innovative remix app r:string – all yours for the price of nothing.

On top of that, you can download album booklets entirely for free, ideal for those of you who prefer to stream albums. We really do spoil you.   

5. Origins of the blue sheep
And of course, the question we get asked the most. Why the blue sheep? Well, that’s one you’ll have to find for yourself in our About Us section.

I’ll give you a head start, here is a good place to look.

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we’re doing an Autumn Sale across our whole catalogue. Get yourself 20% off any purchase with the code AUTUMN20.

Hurry offers only lasts until midnight 26 November.

NMC's Discover platform is created in partnership with ISM Trust.

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