About Us

NMC Recordings is a unique arts charity and record label, dedicated to the promotion of exceptional contemporary classical music from Britain and Ireland. The vital role that we play in the new music sector means that without NMC, hundreds of important works would not be recorded and heard by audiences across the world. 

The NMC team work closely with composers at every stage of their career to produce high-quality recordings of their music, providing guidance through each part of the process from fundraising, to recording and production, to distribution and marketing. We are a small organisation with world-wide reach, and the impact of an NMC album on a composer’s career is significant. 

Across our 35-year history, NMC's invaluable work celebrating and supporting the rich breadth of compositional talent from across Britain and Ireland means that our constantly-evolving catalogue has grown to now hold over 300 albums. It is a diverse living archive of ground-breaking music spanning multiple generations of composers.

Find out more about NMC and our work below.