Contract help for composers

29th November 2023

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Calling all composers! Do you know your way around a synchronisation license or a publishing contract? Our partner, the ISM Trust, have got you covered with their contract advice pack designed especially for composers.

Completely free for anyone to access, check it out to know what to look out for when you are offered a commissioning opportunity, publishing agreement or synchronisation deal.


The pack includes a contract checklist, some basic guidance on what you can do to find opportunities for composers, and four template contracts with reference notes to help you.


Become a member of ISM for access to more draft contracts like this, as well as legal help and advice from the ISM in-house team, legal expenses insurance, public liability insurance and guidance and advice on a range of other issues relevant to your professional work.

Check out the full composer contract pack here

NMC's Discover platform is created in partnership with  ISM Trust.

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