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23rd July 2021

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In January we launched the third phase of Debut Discs, our acclaimed showcase series for gifted composers from Britain and Ireland who are yet to have released a full album dedicated to their music. To date, we have supported 19 critically-acclaimed releases through the series, from our very first Debut Discs by Sam Hayden and Huw Watkins in 2012, to our most recent release by Martin Suckling this month.

We’re very proud to have a series of Debut Discs which represents the broad and diverse range of compositional voices in Britain and Ireland today. To celebrate the launch of the third phase, we’ve brought all these voices together in our Debut Discs playlist, which features a track from each of the 19 releases in the series to date. We hope you enjoy!


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We are currently seeking support towards the costs of producing and releasing a further 8 albums in the series, which will be recorded and released between 2021 and 2024. We know there is a large demand for this opportunity from a diverse group of composers, especially those at the early stages of their careers, and to address this we’re delighted to be continuing the series. A project on this scale requires a great deal of resources, and NMC needs your help to make this happen. To find out more about how you can help, visit our Debut Discs Appeal page.

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