Jump inside 'The Navigator' by Liza Lim

6th October 2021

Films Huddersfield Contemporary Records

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Singing in Tonguesa three-disc collection documenting the operas and major vocal works composed by Liza Lim for ELISION, Australia’s preeminent new music ensemble, we're sharing a new clip of the original staging of Lim's third opera, The Navigator (2008).

The Navigator, composed to the libretto conceived by Patricia Sykes, is the most sensual and abstract of all Lim's operas. Where her first two operas, The Oresteia (1993) and Yuè Lìng Jié (Moon Spirit Feasting) (2000), used story to access states of abstract archetype, here it is the abstract themes of ecstatic and erotic transformation that sit at the fore, forcing the story far into the background.

This excerpt taken from Scene 1 features singers Talise Trevigne and Deborah Kayser, and is from a performance directed by Barrie Kosky and conducted by Manuel Nawri at the Brisbane Festival and the Melbourne International Arts Festival in 2008.

Liza Lim: Singing in Tongues is out on Huddersfield Contemporary Records on 15 October, 2021. 


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