NMC Listening Club: Britten on Film

21st January 2021

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Colin Matthews (composer, NMC Executive Producer, Director of Music, Red House/BrittenPears Arts) and Lucy Walker (Head of Public Engagement, Red House/BrittenPears Arts) guide us through NMC's 2007 award-winning release Britten on Film (NMC D112). The album collects all the surviving music Benjamin Britten wrote during the 1930s for various organisations such as the General Post Office and Southern Railways.  

This is the pilot episode of our NMC Listening Club series, live streamed via YouTube on Wednesday 13 May 2020.

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About NMC Listening Club

In each live broadcast we’ll be exploring selected releases from our back catalogue, in conversation with the composers and artists involved in their creation, plus further insight from specialists. Viewers of the live stream are encouraged to participate, leave comments and ask questions in the chat room for the guests to answer at the end of the discussion.

The aim of this live online series is to keep in touch with our audience and take a deep dive into selected releases in our back catalogue. A sort of modern-day Recorded Music Society! We trialled a pilot Listening Club in May for NMC friends and donors and the feedback was extremely positive. They enjoyed feeling part of a community, getting to hear from composers and specialists, being able to leave comments in the live chat room and ask questions.



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