Rebecca Saunders & Juliet Fraser on Radio 3's New Music Show

10th November 2022

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Listen back to composer Rebecca Saunders and soprano Juliet Fraser discuss their work together on BBC Radio 3's New Music Show

Skip to around the 1 hour mark to hear them discuss the creative process behind the piece Skin which Saunders composed for and with Fraser's unique voice. The piece is then played in full.

Presenter Tom Service describes Skin as "27 minutes in which everything is sensation. In which these explosions of Rebecca Saunders' own texts, written in collaboration with Juliet Fraser, and Molly Bloom's monologue from James Joyce's Ulysses is at the centre of music which is an exploration of sound as touch, as caress, as friction, as violence, as sensuality, as skin." Tom Service, BBC Radio 3 New Music Show

Skin will be released on Saunders' upcoming album of the same name, alongside two other pieces, void and Unbreathed, on 18 November 2022. It is available for pre-order from the NMC Shop.

Listen here

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