You Might Not Be As Good Looking as You Think

7th November 2022

Films Birmingham Record Company

On 28th October 2022, NMC (in partnership with Birmingham Record Company) released an album of works by interdisciplinary composer Victoria Benito. Her work draws upon experimental, pop, classical and electronic sounds as well as film and visuals. Below you can check out some films created by Victoria to accompany her new album, You Might Not Be as Good-Looking as You Think.

For a Dying Pigeon

"I like how music and visuals can affect our perception of time when we are experiencing them. I am so often involved in temporal illusions that I find it difficult to know what the right perception of time is. I enjoy illusions and absorbing my mind in that state of confusion where I cannot be sure of what I am perceiving. How could I ever know that what I am perceiving is an illusion or the real thing?" - Victoria Benito

Ode to an Ode

You Might Not Be As Good Looking as You Think by Victoria Benito is out now on Birmingham Record Company and is available from the NMC shop.

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Victoria Benito: You Might Not Be as Good-Looking as You Think

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