BBC Proms 2022: What's New

26th April 2022

Features NMC Recordings

The BBC Proms returns to a scale more familiar to pre-covid times. The 151st year of the festival features a programme jam-packed with world premieres and newly commissioned works – here are our top picks of new music at the Proms this year, featuring many NMC composers.


Prom 2 - 16th July - Huw WatkinsFlute Concerto

Prom 5 - 18th July - Cassandra Miller: Viola Concerto

Prom 6 - 19th July - Michael TippettSymphony No. 4

Prom 9 - 21st July - Sally Beamish: Hive (BBC co-commission: world premiere)

Prom 10 - 22nd JulyJudith Weir & Cheryl Frances-Hoad

Prom 18 - 29th July - Nicole Lizée: Blurr is the Colour of My True Love’s Eyes (BBC co-commission: European premiere)

Prom 21 - 1st August - Jessica CurryI Have Begun My Ascent

Check out a guest curated playlist from Jessica Curry here

Prom 25 - 4th August - Kalevi Aho: Eight Seasons (Concerto for Theremin and Chamber Orchestra) 

Prom 26 - 5th August - Julian AndersonSymphony No. 2 ‘Prague Panoramas’ (BBC co-commission: world premiere of complete symphony)

Prom 30 - 8th August - Gavin Higgins: Concerto Grosso for Brass Band & Orchestra (BBC Commission: world premiere)

Prom 32 - 9th August - Philip WilbyEuphonium Concerto - Dance (Zeibekikos)

Prom 33- 10th August -  Matthew Kaner: Pearl (BBC commission: world premiere)

Prom 39 - 15th August - Mark-Anthony TurnageTime Flies (BBC co-commission: UK premiere)

Prom 49 - 24th August - Harrison BirtwistleDonum Simoni MMXVIII

Prom 50 - 24th August - Sir James Macmillan with The Sixteen

Prom 52 - 26th August - Thomas Adès: Märchentänze (UK premiere)

Prom 58 - 30th August - Public Service Broadcasting: This New Noise (BBC commission: world premiere)

Check out a guest curated playlist from Public Service Broadcasting here

Proms and the ENO at Printworks London - 3rd September - Philip Glass: No more, you petty spirits (BBC co-commission: world premiere)

Prom 63 - 3rd September - Marius Neset: Geyser (BBC commission: world premiere)

Prom 67 - 6 September - Wynton Marsalis: Violin Concerto

Last night of the proms - 10th September - James B. Wilson1922 (BBC commission: world premiere)

Full proms 2022 schedule

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