Temporality of the Impossible

8th February 2022

Films Huddersfield Contemporary Records

Temporality of the Impossible is an ongoing project by by the Serbian-born, Brussels-based violinist Dejana Sekulic that explores the limits of possibility in contemporary violin performance.

Through novel approaches to the interface between performer, instrument, notation, movement, and sound, the raw, quintessential, and fleeting matter of the violin is brought to the fore.

Commissioned especially for the project, Finalmente il tempo è intero n° 16, for solo violin by Dario Buccino is a playground for the imagination. Buccino creates his compositiongs using chance processes and a system he refers to as 'HN', built on the 'hic et nunc' (here and now) principle. Eight distinct identities intertwine throughout the piece, each revealing its own version of a deeply hidden melody.

This video features an excerpt from the recording of the premier of the piece, that took place on 25.02.2020. in Phipps Hall (Huddersfield, UK).

Hear the piece in its entirity, alongside six other works by Clara Iannotta, Rebecca Saunders, Liza Lim, Evan Johnson, Cathy Milliken, and Aaron Cassidy that push violin performance to its limits on Temporality of the Impossibleout Friday 11 February on Huddersfield Contemporary Records.

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Dejana Sekulic's website

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