Unique music for advertising, film & TV

Explore the adventurous, the unexpected, the beautiful and cutting edge sound world of NMC Recordings, the award-winning champion of new British music.

NMC recordings present the highest of artistic standards and the work of the very best of both emerging and established composers in Britain. We are dedicated to promoting and preserving new music and to building a permanent legacy to inspire generations to come.

Our music has recently featured in: Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life and Michel Gondry's Is The Man Who is Tall Happy (Noam Chomsky) and was personally chosen by these acclaimed film directors. Our tracks have also been used in documentaries, on compilations albums and products for museums, galleries and schools. (See our Past Licence Deals page.)

With a small and dedicated team we are able to help guide you through our catalogue to find music which suits your individual requirements, and we have a fast and straightforward clearance procedure helped by our close relationship with many publishers and composers. 
So, if your production requires music which is a bit different and which will help it stand out from the crowd then NMC might be your answer. Most of our recordings are unique to our label, which means the music you licence from us will be original and unavailable elsewhere.


  • A large selection of unique music produced to the highest standards and performed by world-class artists
  • Suitable tracks for every project and every budget that will compliment your production
  • Quick approval turnaround
  • Competitive rates
  • Provision of publishing details to simplify your clearance process
  • Specialist in-house advice to help you find the right music for your production 





As a charity NMC Recordings is non-profit-making, providing public benefit through the contribution our work makes to enriching cultural life. Our ability to record and promote the innovative, challenging, obscure and lost is reliant upon securing the support of individuals who are as passionate about new music as we are. 

Your support directly contributes to our mission.  Thank you.

For more information visit our Support Us page.