Partner Organisations

More than just a record label, NMC has forged an exciting range of partnerships to help deliver our charitable purpose, develop talent, and bring the work of living composers to a wider audience.


Spark Catchers 

We worked with the Chineke! Orchestra, Europe’s first majority Asian, Black and ethnically diverse orchestra, to produce an album of work by Black British composers and to deliver creative music-making workshops to children via the Tower Hamlets Art and Music Education Service.

Spark Catchers album

Together in Sound

The Together in Sound project shares the six pieces which have been created by students from Waltham Forest, in collaboration with Chineke! musicians.

Education work in Tower Hamlets


Focus on Sound/MusicFirst 

Focus on Sound

Focus on Sound is a teaching resource for study in school or distance learning. It enables students to develop listening skills, theory, composing and musical knowledge through online resources for PCs, tablets and smartphones.   We partnered with Focus on Sound to deliver the NMC GCSE Music Composition resource.  Written by composer Dr Steven Berryman, with works from the NMC catalogue being the starting point for practical lessons and student exercises, this resource provides practical solutions and creative inspiration to GCSE students and their teachers.

GSCE Composition resource



Numbered amongst the world’s top symphonic ensembles, the Hallé continues to seek ways to enhance and refresh what it undertakes, with aspirations to provide leadership through performance standards, education, understanding and training.   Our partnership, supported by the The Hinrichsen Foundation through its New Initiatives programme,  led to a series of albums, numerous accolades and a Gramophone Award. Composers featured: Harrison Birtwistle, Benjamin Britten, John Casken, Richard Causton, Ben Foskett, Helen Grime, Simon Holt, Tarik O’Regan and Ryan Wigglesworth.

Hallé recordings available from the NMC Shop.

ISM Trust  

ISM Trust

ISM is the UK's professional body for musicians and is a nationally recognised subject association for music.  It’s sister charity the ISM Trust was created in 2014 to advance education, the arts and to promote health. It is dedicated to creating pioneering resources to support music and all those who work in the sector including music educators, performers, and composers.  The ISM Trust is the Lead Launch Partner of NMC’s Discover portal, offering audiences the chance to take a deep dive into new music through curated playlists, videos, interviews and much more.    

Visit our Discover portal

Music Masters

Music Masters

Music Masters believes enabling opportunity, diversity and excellence in classical music will inspire positive change for individuals and communities.  To mark their 10th Anniversary they commissioned 10 new works for student violinists and NMC partnered with them, producing our first ever music book and digital album.

Many Voices available from the NMC Shop.


London Sinfonietta

London Sinfonietta

The London Sinfonietta’s mission is to place the best contemporary classical music at the heart of today’s culture; engaging and challenging the public through inspiring performances of the highest standard and taking risks to develop new work and talent. As an artistic ensemble they appear on many NMC albums and we forged a special partnership with them, distributing their own label and launching a special digital series of their innovative Sinfonietta Shorts commissions.

Sinfonietta Shorts available from the NMC Shop.

Music Education Hubs

A growing part of our work to bring the music of today’s composers to children and young people, we are forging partnerships with a number of Music Education Hubs and are keen to instigate further conversations to develop projects and share our resources.

Chineke! Tower Hamlets project




The mission of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain (NYCGB) is to inspire and empower young people throughout the UK through the life changing experience of singing together.  They are a national champion for youth choral music, standing for artistic excellence, creative diversity, and openness and relevance to all.   NMC partners with NYCGB on their Young Composers Scheme, an annual initiative which identifies and develops four talented composers aged 18-29 who are passionate about creating high quality, imaginative new music for vocal ensembles.

Running over a whole year, it offers a four-phase programme of residential courses, workshops, peer and professional mentoring, performance showcases and release of a commercial digital recording on NMC.

NYCGB Young Composers available from the NMC Shop.

Philharmonia and Royal Philharmonic Society


Royal Philharmonic Society

NMC is the digital partner of the Philharmonia Orchestra’s Composers’ Academy, presented in partnership with the Royal Philharmonic Society and allied to the Philharmonia’s Music of Today contemporary music series. Under the guidance of Unsuk Chin, Artistic Director of the Music of Today series, and other visiting composers, the scheme offers three talented emerging composers each year the opportunity to write an original chamber work for an ensemble of Philharmonia players.   The composers undertake a year of training and mentoring, including with NMC, culminating in a commission for a 10-minute work which is premiered in a Music of Today concert at Royal Festival Hall and recorded for digital release on NMC.

Philharmonia Composers' Academy available from the NMC Shop.

PRS Foundation / New Music Biennial

PRS Foundation

New Music Biennial

Since 2012 NMC has been the digital partner for PRS Foundations’ landmark New Music Biennial celebrations. Featuring contemporary work across a range of genres and musical styles, New Music Biennial brings composers and audiences together in innovative week-end festivals for which NMC provides the lasting digital legacy.

New Music Biennial recordings available from the NMC Shop.



Rambert is a dance company where brilliant and daring people can show up and be supported to push themselves to move the world forward. NMC partnered with them in a series of recordings, including a special album charting the composers who have worked with them as Rambert Fellows.  We used the NMC catalogue to create resources for GSCE Dance.

Rambert Fellows recording available from the NMC Shop

GSCE Dance resource

Sound and Music

Sound and Music

Sound and Music’s vision is to create a world where new music and sound prospers, transforming lives, challenging expectations and celebrating the work of its creators.  NMC has partnered with Sound and Music on:

Next Wave - a unique programme designed to promote and support composers in higher education.    

Next Wave composers recordings available from the NMC Shop. 


Digital Discoveries – digital releases of works that were recorded between 2004-2006 as part of the Contemporary Voices scheme and are now held in the British Music Collection

Digital Discoveries available from the NMC Shop.


Minute of Listening
Minute of Listening is a carefully curated collection of 60-second recordings introducing children to a wide range of music and sounds, including contemporary works from the NMC catalogue.  Accompanying resources help enrich all curriculum areas, and follow-up questions encourage children to discuss what they heard, thought and felt.   


Science Museum

Science Museum

The Science Museum tells the stories of the extraordinary human achievement and technological advances that have helped humanity overcome challenges throughout history. To mark our 25th anniversary in 2014/15 NMC launched Objects at an Exhibition; in partnership with Aurora Orchestra and the Science Museum.  We commissioned six works, recorded an album, hosted a concert at the  Museum and inspired education works in local schools.

Objects at an Exhibition available from the NMC Shop.

Objects at an Exhibition education project

Wigmore Hall

Wigmore Hall

Wigmore Hall, one of the world’s great concert halls, specialises in chamber and instrumental music, early music and song and hosts a vibrant new music programme. We collaborated with them on a series of commissions and recordings of string quartets and, with Radcliffe Trust, of chamber works.