The Big Lockdown Music Survey: Map

One national lockdown. 200+ music creators. Countless genres, styles, and sounds. Hundreds of stories of resilience and innovation. An audio snapshot of a once-in-a-generation experience. One interactive lockdown listening map.

We are delighted to share the findings of the Big Lockdown Music Survey, our project funded by an Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant, aiming to tell the story of lockdown in recorded music. More than 200 recordings of music made during the first lockdown were submitted in response to an England-wide open call. Creators of all ages and all levels of experience from across the country submitted music of all genres. Six regional partner organisations selected and curated album-length selections of music representing their region, which we have plotted onto a lockdown listening map with interactive filters such as region, weather, mood, and genre.

Below you can also find out more about the selected tracks, creators, and curations in the PDF liner notes booklets we have made to accompany the map.

A free, downloadable, educational resource pack is full of techniques, equipment recommendations, and top tips from industry experts all about how to record your music at home on a limited budget. Delve deeper into some of the individual stories of creativity and innovation collected in survey responses from music creators. Download the data analysis document compiled by our data partner, RNCM PRiSM.

Read an article about the music on the map by guitarist and BBC Radio 3 broadcaster Tom McKinney here.

Explore the map by clicking the button above, and read the liner notes below.


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