Home Recording Resources

As a result of the March 2020 Lockdown in England, many music creators were left with no other option but to learn how to record their own music at home, with whatever equipment and software they had to hand.

NMC has developed a free resource pack, to share knowledge and expertise on home recording techniques, including help recording acoustic classical instruments and making field recordings.

These resources are intended to introduce concepts and techniques to help the aspiring recording engineer record their own music and audio at home, rather than in a studio space or professional recording environment. Aimed at those who may have recently begun recording their own music for the first time or are studying music technology at school or college but have limited access to equipment, they cover everything from the basic requirements for capturing audio, to professional hints and tips to help you get the most out of your equipment and make your recordings sound polished.

Including advice on field recording from DJ and producer Nabihah Iqbal, mastering for beginners from Stephen Kerrision (Tall Trees Audio Mastering), and top tips on DIY home recording from Isobel Anderson (The Female DIY Musician).

A detailed glossary covers some of the common terminology used in the audio recording world, and there are suggestions for equipment and software purchases to get you started on your home recording journey no matter your budget.

Download the resources below.

Download the free resources here