Debut Discs
NMC supports gifted early-career composers with its Debut Discs series

Judilth Weir'A happy consequence of the UK’s thriving music scene is its continuous flow of new talent; a stream, no, a river of exciting new composers who are building major reputations at home and abroad. If they aren’t recorded, we’ll never get to know them properly. Who has the ability and the know-how to produce these essential Debut Discs? It has to be NMC, of course!'

Judith Weir, Master of the Queen’s Music & Debut Discs Ambassador





Launched in 2012, the series currently features 12 albums; many have achieved exceptional reviews and awards from media worldwide. This exposure has provided a variety of opportunities for the composers involved, including commissions, performances and residencies.

NMC’s Debut Discs are musical calling cards, crucial for talented composers in the early stages of their careers since they enable promoters, commissioners and audiences to hear their work.


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Debut Discs



'Having my muCharlotte Braysic recorded and released for the first time by NMC has made a fantastic contribution to my career. Being able to refer new connections to a successful commercially available recording  is a huge step forward for me'  Charlotte Bray

Emily Howard


'Already NMC Recordings has been a great support to me professionally. Now I am thrilled about the prospect of having my own NMC Debut Disc, especially since this is giving me the rare chance to record works for larger forces. I am especially grateful for this opportunity. It is wonderful to be part of what feels like an NMC family of composers spanning many generations, rich in its diversity'  Emily Howard