Inclusivity is one of NMC’s core values. We seek to build a catalogue that celebrates and reflects the extraordinary composing talent that exists across Britain and Ireland, and to promote it to as wide and diverse an audience as possible. We have recently spent time reviewing our attitudes, practices and ambitions in relation to diversity; as a result, we have created an EDI Action Plan to further challenge ourselves to improve our work in this area, with the aim of contributing to ongoing change.

Our EDI Action Plan will deliver the following:

  • Organisation development - Participation in Music Masters’ I’M IN Diversity and Inclusion programme.
  • Governance - We will ensure 50/50 gender representation on the board; regularly assess and audit Board skills and expertise; appoint a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Board ‘champion’; monitor delivery of DEI outcomes.
  • Workforce - We will sign up to targeted work experience schemes; review recruitment and selection procedures to reach diverse candidate pools.
  • Artistic - We will agree targets and action plans so that everyone, including those with protected characteristics, can access the opportunities we offer:
    • Our forward release schedule will include at least 50% of releases featuring composers who identify as women;
    • By December 2022, we will double the number of ethnically diverse composers of African, Caribbean, South, East and South East Asian heritage in our catalogue from 19 to 38 [based on 2017 data];
    • We will include composers and artists who identify as disabled. 
    • We will actively seek to encourage diversity in the partner organisations with whom we develop projects.
  • Education - We will ensure that diversity and inclusion objectives are integral to engaging participants and artists in all education activities delivered by NMC and partners. A key aim of the strategy is to target new projects in areas of lowest artistic provision and socio-economic disadvantage.

This will continue to be an evolving area of work and we are committed to being open about the challenges we face and the advances we make. 

If you could like to discuss any aspects of our EDI Policy and practices, please contact Ellie Wilson, our Creative Director: 

'Diversity is embedded in NMC's artistic programme and decision-making.'

- Arts Council England, August 2020