The strive for inclusivity is a key part of NMC’s ethos, as we seek to build a catalogue that celebrates and fully reflects talent across modern Britain and Ireland, to as wide and diverse an audience as possible. Like many other organisations we have spent time, particularly in recent months, reviewing our attitudes, practices and ambitions around inclusivity.  As a result, we have created an Inclusivity Action Plan, unanimously endorsed by our Board, which will see us further challenge ourselves to improve our work in this area, with the aim of contributing to long-lasting change.

Our Inclusivity Plan will deliver the following:

  • Participation in Music Masters’ I’M IN Diversity and Inclusion programme – with outcomes to be shared publicly 
  • Governance: training, board skills audit targeted at inclusive recruitment, Designated Inclusivity Lead trustee to be elected
  • Workforce: training, offering targeted work experience and mentoring opportunities, vacancies advertised to encourage inclusive applications 
  • Artistic: benchmarks established and targets and action plans set to deliver equality of opportunity across protected characteristics, including 50/50 gender representation and doubling number of composers of colour. We will proactively seek to encourage inclusivity in the partner organisations with whom we develop projects
  • Education: key aim of our Education Strategy is to target new projects in areas of lowest artistic provision, delivering ethnic and socio-economic diversity

This will continue to be an evolving area of work and we are committed to being open about the challenges we face and the advances we make.  

If you could like to discuss any aspects of our Inclusivity Policy and practices, please contact Alex Wright, Director of Development,

'Diversity is embedded in NMC's artistic programme and decision-making.'

- Arts Council England, August 2020