Exhibition Project

Welcome to the NMC Exhibition Project!

Works from NMC’s vast catalogue are the starting point for this project, aimed at learners at Key Stage 3, in which students become curators and researchers in creating a panel for a digital exhibition.

Students are also given the opportunity to display their work in a digital exhibition hosted on our website, which will launch soon - watch this space!

Students are guided through a series of 5 short videos and corresponding worksheets to create a panel introducing a work of their choosing, from a selection of 30 NMC albums over the past 30 years. The videos are presented by composer and researcher Dr. Steven Berryman, writer and BBC Radio 3 presenter Kate Romano, and NMC's Creative Director, Ellie Wilson.

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The content of each video is also available as a detailed, easy-to-read transcript to accommodate different learning styles. You can find a download link for these underneath each video, and they are also included in the full resource pack, available to download for free on our online store.

In addition to the video transcripts, the free resource pack includes worksheets, templates, images, scores and other materials to use in creating the panels.

Download the full resource pack

Listen to the 30 tracks on Spotify

Find out more about the composers featured in the project

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If you have any questions or feedback about the project, feel free to get in touch with Joanna Ward, Development and Projects Assistant at Joanna@nmcrec.co.uk