NMC Recordings is an award-winning record label with charitable status. Founded in 1989 by composer Colin Matthews OBE, we are devoted to enriching cultural life by connecting listeners around the world with exceptional contemporary classical music from Britain and Ireland. 

We believe that new music is a dynamic and engaging art-form and seek to inspire and challenge audiences through the release and promotion of recordings, innovative artistic partnerships, and delivering education projects to young people.

We fulfil our charitable aims by: 
- collaborating with leading composers, artists, orchestras, and ensembles
- producing high quality recordings of outstanding works
- promoting recordings and other resources to expand worldwide audiences for new music
- preserving this creativity for future generations

Over the last 30+ years NMC has released close to 300 recordings of high-quality performances featuring more than 600 major international artists and ensembles. Our recordings are available in 141 countries and, since 2012, have received a combined 16 million downloads and streams in addition to more than 45,000 CD sales. Our non-deletion policy, combined with online access, means all our recordings are kept permanently accessible to the public, enabling us to become a national archive of British and Irish contemporary classical music.  

In 2015, NMC became the first organisation to receive the prestigious Royal Philharmonic Society’s Leslie Boosey Award for “its outstanding contribution to the furthering of contemporary music”. Colin Matthews subsequently received the Gramophone Special Achievement Award 2017 for his “unique contribution to British contemporary music as founder and executive producer of NMC.  


In the 30 years since its founding NMC has become a national treasure, introducing listeners all over the world to new music by composers from the British Isles.  Their ambitious vision and dedication is unwavering and this is reflected in the quality of what they continue to achieve. NMC is an indispensable part of our history and our future: long may it flourish!

- Sir Simon Rattle, NMC Patron