Our Distributors

We offer direct sales of our CDs through the NMC Shop, with orders accepted from any country worldwide. As of April 2023, fulfilment of our CD orders is now done via Proper Music Group. They require some data to post CDs (customer name, address, order details). No bank details are shared. All data  is protected under the terms which meet the requirements of Article 28(3)  of GDPR, as specified in NMC's contract with Proper. If you would like any more information please contact us at sales@nmcrec.co.uk

NMC is represented in many overseas territories, listed below. We work closely with our physical distributor, Proper Music Group, and external export partners to ensure as many CD releases as possible are available to buy in their territories. We would encourage all customers to try their local retailers, and, if they encounter problems to contact us for advice at sales@nmcrec.co.uk

Proper Music Group
1 - 5 Applegarth Drive, Questor, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1JD
Website: www.propermusicgroup.com

Worldwide Digital (streaming & download)
Fuga c/o Proper Music Group
Website: https://fuga.com/

Export Partners (c/o Proper Music)

DistrArt Musique
3 place de l’église, 02860 Pancy-Courtecon, France
Tél : +33 (0)9 50 50 70 30
E-mail: info@clicmusique.com
Website: www.clicmusique.com

Rockian Trading
PO Box 44, Briar Hill, Vic, 3088, AUSTRALIA
Tel: + 61 3 9432 4149
Email: info@rockian.com.au
Website: www.rockian.com.au

Klassik Centre
Glöcknerpfad 47, 34134 Kassel, Germany
Website: classicdisc.de/

MVD Entertainment Group
203 Windsor Rd, Pottstown, PA 19464, USA
Email: customerservice@musicvideodistributors.com
Website: mvdentertainment.com/ 

Tokyo M-Plus
4-14-10 Sengoku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81 3-5976-5991
Email: customer@tokyo-m-plus.co.jp
Website: www.tokyo-m-plus.co.jp/ 

39 Panepistimiou str., 10564 Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3313943
Email: info@green-way.gr
Website: www.green-way.gr/

Music Island
ul. Napoleońska 17
61-671 Poznań, Poland
Tel: +48 61 828 80 63
Email: info@music-island.com.pl
Website: https://www.music-island.pl/index.html